2012 Other Equipment Truax Flex-II Drills



  • Year:2012
  • Make:Other Equipment
  • Model:Truax Flex-II
  • Location:Madison, MS
  • Hours:10
  • Category:Drills


2012 Other Equipment Truax Flex-II,Truax FlexII Series Grass Drill are designed to plant grasses and legumes on a variety of site conditions. -Double disc furrow openers and depth bands optimize seed placement and seed to soil contact.-Multiple seed boxes give you the flexibility to seed native fluffy seeds, cool season species, small grains, legumes, and wildflowers.-Planting can be accomplished as no-tip and inter seeding in most conditions, from hard pastures and roadsides to crop residue and cover crops, as well as on a prepared seedbed. -The Truax straight-line drop design keeps the seeds moving from the seed boxes to the Drill openers.-Truax Drills offer maximum control of seeding rate.-Truax No-Tills prevent hair pinning and crimping residue. $18000, 6018597472

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